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Comprehensive home cover

Standard benefits • Fire and related risks. Additional benefits • Water damage ; • Theft ; • Broken glass ; • All computer risks ; • Civil liability for private life.
The cover shall only apply for damage occurred in Cameroon
Homeowners, tenants and any other concerned person.
• Foreign or civil war, insurrection ; • Intentional fault ; • Strikes, riots, popular unrests ; • Damage caused by excess heat without fare-ups and smoking accidents. • Damage and related costs from wear and tear; • Etc. (See the General Conditions)
When signing the contract, they shall:
  • Respond to a questionnaire ;
  • Provide all the requested documents ;
  • Pay the premiums on the agreed date ;
During the contract  :
  • The Insured shall report all new circumstances that modify the information provided when signing the contract
In case of claim  :
  • As soon as the insured is aware of any claim, they shall report it at the latest within the period set by the contract
  • In case of theft, they shall file a complaint to the qualified authorities and provide the acknowledgment.
  • Payment by credit card, cheque or direct debit ;
Whenever agreed by the Insured. The standard duration of the cover is 1 year. Nevertheless, the Insured shall choose other durations.
(Français) Le contrat prend effet à la date et l’heure souhaitées par l’assuré. La durée est annuelle. Toutefois il existe des durées inférieures à 1 an au choix de l’assuré.