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Civil liability head of family

  • Bodily injuries ;
  • Property damage;
  • Head of family or any other concerned person ;
The cover shall only apply for damage occurred in Cameroon, but shall apply for short stays abroad
As from 8, 000 Francs CFA all taxes included
The following risks are excluded from the benefits :
  • Fraudulent and intentional fault
  • Repetitive involvements in bets, brawls and any other competitions except for self-defense purposes requiring a prior legal and administrative approval ;
  • • Hunting activities ;
When signing the contract, they shall :
  • Respond to a questionnaire ;
  • Provide all the requested documents ;
  • Pay the premiums on the agreed date ;
During the contract  :
  • The Insured shall report all new circumstances that modify the information provided when signing the contract.
In case of claim  :
  • As soon as the insured is aware of any claim, they shall report it at the latest within the period set by the contract
  • In case of theft, they shall file a complaint to the qualified authorities and provide the acknowledgment
Whenever agreed by the Insured. The standard duration of the cover is 1 year. Nevertheless, the Insured shall choose other durations.
(Français) Le contrat prend effet à la date et l’heure souhaitées par l’assuré. La durée est annuelle mais il existe des durées inférieures à 1 an au choix de l’assuré.